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Montserrat W.I. | Written by Khyra West | Currently studying BA Education with Pyschology and Counselling

If you’re studying in the UK, you’ll find that A LOT of places offer great student discounts; take full advantage of them. SIGN UP FOR UNIDAYS AND STUDENT BEANS. They will always let you know where you can use their discount codes to save money.

Bedroom essentials
For me, having a nicely kept room tremendously helps with my mood and productivity. Uni hall rooms are such a small space that they can look seriously messy easily. Keep your room tidy and decorated to your taste. Here’s how I made my room my oasis.

Amazon offers a free trial for Amazon Prime for a period of six months to students. This will allow you to take advantage of free shipping on items as well as free next day delivery on some items. You can use Amazon to purchase some of the things you need for your bedroom.

Don’t forget to cancel the free trial before the six months is up if you don’t want that automatic subscription that will kick in.

Home stores
A cheaper alternative would be to visit some stores that sell home items. B&M is one of my favourite places on earth. Most of the stuff in my bedroom is from there because they have so much cute stuff that’s really cheap. Other stores I like include Home Bargains and Wilko.

If you want to put photos up that remind you of home or the people and things you love, use FreePrints. FreePrints is an app you can download which allows you to get 45 free pictures a month, you only pay shipping which is about £3.

Baddie on a Budget
Here are the places I shop for clothes and skincare and why…
Boohoo – With a Unidays account, you can benefit from free next day delivery for the duration of your time at uni. They also offer different percentages off purchases for students – depending on what promotion is on at the time.

I Saw It First – They offer free next day delivery for a year, but for a one-off fee. At the start of the school year, it might be cheaper than the regular price of £9.99. Promotions for students are always running so there’s always a chance to save on something you need. I Saw It First is my go-to place for cute, well-fitting jeans.

Pretty Little Thing – PLT also offers free next day for a year for £9.99. I mainly love their casual jumpsuits but they also have a lot of stylish stuff if you’re looking for a dressier outfit.

Beauty Bay – This is where I get all my skincare products. Beauty Bay sells its own brand products as well as products from loads of other brands. I swear by Revolution’s skincare products. You can also buy makeup and makeup accessories from BB. I have a “Haul Pass” which gives me free next day delivery on all my purchases.

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