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The day after I arrived, I went shopping for these items along with a few of the cooking utensils I have on the budget called Kitchen and Room. I did this because I wanted to be able to cook food that was familiar to me. As well as, moving was exhausting and I wanted to be able to wake up late, go in the kitchen and make myself some tea or a sandwich, move at my own pace.

Doing this allowed me to not have to leave for the rest of the first week I was there. This gave me time to recover from the jet lag and get used to the place.

When I made my shopping list, I thought about what I could make quickly and simply. So I thought get bread and then get stuff to put in the bread. Then to switch it up I got rice and chicken cause they are simple to cook. I got broccoli because I thought some iron would be helpful. Got some fruit and juice. As well as the things I needed to cook the items. But I kept it really simple especially because I had to walk and carry them from the supermarket to my flat. They were heavy.

Items £
salt, black pepper and other seasonings (only price for salt) 0.18
garlic (pack of 3) 0.69
onions (pack of 3) 1.29
bell peppers (pack of 3) 0.89
ketchup 0.45
oil 1.09
rice (basmati) 1.99
eggs (dozen) 1.89
banana (hand of 5) 0.69
apples (pack of 6) 0.73
orange juice (2 x 0.65) 1.10
chicken fillets (pack of 4) 3.35
burger meat (pack of 4) 2.25
water (Highland spring water is really nice – 2 packs of 6×1.5L) 6.50
bread (I love Brioche hamburger buns) – pack of 4 0.95
broccoli (2 small heads) 0.65
carrots 0.89
corn (pack of 4) 1.29
cucumbers 0.43
hand wash 0.50
sponges (pack of 10) 0.65
dish liquid (large bottle) 2.00
toilet paper (pack of 24) 9.25
garbage bags (2 x 1.99) 3.98
toothpaste 0.92
Shopping Bag (reusable, can be purchased at the store) 0.20
Total 45.25

Please Note: Prices have risen. I took prices off of receipts from groccery runs that I’ve done from Sept. 2021 to Jan. 2022, so use this as an estimate.

The good thing is, most of the items you won’t have to buy again for a few months, because they will take longer to finish. Salt, seasonings, oil, dish liquid etc.

Supermarkets: England does not use plastic bags, but you can buy reusable shopping bags at the supermarket. Just try to remember to bring them otherwise you will be buying one every time you shop. I’ve had to do that a few times. I suggest planning when you are going, to make sure you are prepared.

Meat: The meat are kept in the fridges because they are “fresh”. You will see expiry dates for days after you buy them, but that is more for people who plan to cook it right away. Some people shop every week for groceries. Not me, I like to shop every two weeks so I buy enough meat, and then I put it in the freezer. The portion sizes are (pack of 4) then (pack of 6/family size).

Check how much space you will get in the kitchen before you shop to see if what you buy will fit in the freezer or cupboard or fridge. I have the smallest drawer in the freezer so I am always playing Tetris to get everything to fit, but I’ve got it down to a science now.

Written by: Creator and writer of Carib Students, Nia Golden

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