Budget: My Monthly Expenses | UK

Written by: Carib Students’s creator and writer, Nia Golden

This is my monthly budget.

Item £
Phone Bill (I do not have a plan, I just top up my phone.) (25GB) EE 15
Apple music (student discount) 5
Icloud storage 4.50
Vitamins (pack of 30) (sometimes I buy multiple in advance) 6
Menstrual products ( 3 packs of pads) 1 x 3.50 10.50
Groceries 150
Rent ( I have an ensuite room)
Tithes (10% of my salary)  
Laundry (2.50 per wash and 1.50 for dryer) 10
Eating out (where I live £8-£15 is what you would pay for a meal at a restaurant or if you order from uber eats) 30
Total 226

Your friends will invite you out multiple times to eat, just remember your limits and know that there will be other times. The locals like going out for food and clubbing all the time, especially in the first few months. You’re not missing out.

Here are a few extra things that I pay for every few months.

Filters for my water jug (pack of 3 so it last for 12 weeks) 9.75
Hair products 15
Grocery items (lotion, deodorant, cleaning products)  
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