Buying Meat in UK Groceries

In the Caribbean, most meat is found in freezers in the supermarket. In England, meat is found in fridges. The expiry date can sometimes be in a few days or a week later. That date is important, if you continue to store it in the fridge. If you put the meat in the freezer it will last longer.  You can buy frozen meat. It is cheaper sometimes, and you can get more meat. However, it never tastes as fresh.

The portions are created for individuals and families. If you are sharing an accommodation with limited freezer space, I suggest buying the smaller portions. That way it will fit in the freezer and you can get more meat options.

TIP: Before putting away the meat, separate it into portions so you can thaw out what you need easier. As a student you don’t usually have the time to defrost, season and separate.

You can buy meat that is already seasoned. This means that you can just pop it into the oven. Meat like ribs, whole chicken, salmon, etc.


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