How do I make friends at uni?

Moved from Montserrat W.I | Written by Isis Harvey. Currently studying MSc Mental Health: Psychological Therapies

Friendships | Isis
I’m definitely not the best at making friends, which is probably the same for some of you, and if you’re living on campus your flatmates might not always be your kind of people. It may sound daunting at first but if you’re like me and not the most outgoing person I would definitely recommend joining societies, whether social or academic. It may feel daunting at first, and I definitely walked out of every social event I went into within five minutes when I was in first year, but it really helped me make great friends and connections. University can be really stressful at times and the isolation can really hit you when you’re living on campus, put yourself out there!

Moved from Montserrat, W.I | By Dr. Tiffannie Skerritt Bachelors in Medicine and Surgery (MBBS)

How do I choose and make friends? | Dr. Skerritt
It can often be challenging to integrate into a new society with a unique language, culture, and people. What I found helpful in making friends was joining groups or clubs that focused on things and activities that I liked or had an interest in. Friends usually share common interests and this would be a great way to meet new people who share your likes and dislikes. I also did not hesitate to maintain certain elements of my pre-university life that were integral to my routine and contributed to my friendship circle – like finding a church that I could attend regularly. Friends tend to share values and depending on your chosen faith, attending services or masses may be an initial step to finding friends who share your beliefs and moral preferences.

Do you have to look far to find friends in Jamaica? Not at all. By nature, Jamaicans and Caribbean people by extension are very friendly and curious people. The people who you live with or next to, can quickly become acquaintances and friend because of shared space and down time together. Do not be surprised if after a few days or weeks of sitting next to someone on the bus, or in class it results in them making an introduction or having casual conversations. It is up to you after making an array of acquaintances, to decide who your true friends are; those who you can trust, rely on and engage in an open, honest, and natural fashion.

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