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When you leave your home country and enter a whole different climate, your body has much adjusting to do. There are so many ways in which you can work along with it to help you to feel healthy and look great.

Freshers’ Flu
Firstly, be prepared for Fresher’s Flu! It sounds like a myth, but it is indeed real and in my personal experience – it was AWFUL. Fresher’s Flu is the name given to the cold that you are very likely to get once you’ve moved into your new accommodation, meet new people, and visit your uni campus for the first time.

Remember all the flu combating remedies you would normally use at home and think ahead if you would need to bring anything from home to the UK. Aside from that, you need to make sure your immune system is strong so that you are less likely to get ill at any time which can cause you to miss uni and make it difficult to get your tasks done.

I use vitamin C tablets to boost my immune system as well as cod liver oil capsules which are an excellent source of vitamin D. Vitamin C is also excellent for your skin and it is especially important for us to use vitamin D supplements as we are getting less sun exposure than we are used to.

Skincare is so very important, but it is sometimes overlooked. I feel so much better when I do my simple skincare routine after a long day, and my longer routine at the end of each week. The first thing that is essential to skincare is drinking lots of water and staying hydrated! Next, we need to find the right products for our skin type that work well to keep our skin clear and moisturised. The cold weather in the UK can be very harsh on our skin and dry it out so we need to make sure to keep it moisturised with our favourite lotions/moisturisers.

I’m not much of a hair guru, but in my opinion – protective styles are the best way to keep your hair safe from the elements of the weather.

Beauty Bay – This is where I get all my skincare products. Beauty Bay sells its own brand products as well as products from loads of other brands. I swear by Revolution’s skincare products. You can also buy makeup and makeup accessories from BB. I have a “Haul Pass” which gives me free next day delivery on all my purchases.

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