Live Webinar on Studying in the UK to Host Webinar on How Students from British Overseas Territories Can Prepare for Studying in the UK

BRADES, Montserrat (August 15, 2023) – Now that the United Kingdom allows British Overseas Territory students to access its Student Finance program, it opens more opportunities for higher education., a platform which promotes studying abroad for British Overseas Territories will host a two-hour webinar this Saturday, August 19, 2023 at 11AM AST to share information on applying to UK universities, accessing Student Finance and preparing to live away from home.

“In 2022, students from the British OTs became eligible to apply for UK Student Finance. Prior to this, students would only have been able to pursue a degree abroad if they were financially able or lucky enough to get a government scholarship,” explained Nia Golden, founder of

Golden, currently pursuing a degree in Musical Theatre in the UK said she fell outside the start date for financing as she began her studies in 2021. However, this did not stop her from assisting her friends and others to access the financing scheme which covers university tuition.

“This webinar is to help fill in the gaps students or their parents have as it relates to the opportunities that are there. Having access to another method of financing their education means students can pursue what they are actually interested in. They are not limited to choosing a course to fit into someone else’s plan. If they have a goal or dream they want to achieve, this gives them the opportunity to plan and pursue it.”

The session will cover A-Level/CAPE requirements, choosing a university, understanding the UCAS application portal, applying for financing, and choosing accommodations.

Register at If unable to make the live session, the replay will be accessible once you are registered.

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