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My first winter was coooolllldddddd in 2018. I lived in the West Midlands and I spent a lot of time outside in the cold because I had to catch the bus and be on it for long periods of time to go back and forth from college. Eventually I got a train pass which made life easier.

But I learnt a couple of tricks to help with adjusting to the weather that I am going to share with you.

Here’s what you can buy.

Winter Coat Get a (puffer jacket) coat that will cover your bottom. It’s amazing for walking and sitting on the bus or the train.
Leather Gloves Cotton gloves are good for the beginning of the winter but not for when it gets really cold and rains. You will have a hard time feeling your fingers.
Hats Good for covering your ears, that get really cold especially at the top.
Scarves I suggest having at least two so that if you need to wash one, you still have another.
Stockings/tights These are perfect to wear under your jeans or long pants as an extra layer. They work if you want to wear a skirt. They have different levels of thickness. I would start at 80 and go up if necessary.
Socks Thick boot socks (means they will come up to your shin a bit.) They will go with your boots nicely. Thick ankle socks as well for the days you wear sneakers.
Boots Get them waterproof, if it is one thing that will happen here, is it will rain.
Backpack Get it waterproof to help with the rain. Protect your belongings. You will be walking a lot.
Lip balm So easy to get dry lips or cracked lips from the weather.
Hoodies The last layer you wear before your winter coat. If it’s well stitched or thick enough you will be able to wear it some days without the coat.
Duvet Make sure it’s atleast 10 tog (tog is the measurment used for the thickness)
Vests Great for layering
Long sleeves/knitted wear Everything you buy does not have to be long sleeve. I suggest having a few pieces.
Joggers I found the joggers here are quite thick, so I’ve never needed to wear tights with them.
Long Johns
Thermal leggings
Worn under your pants.

I found the cold weather isn’t too bad as long as you are not feeling the cold air everywhere. So layering is important. Do it well so that cold air can’t get inside your clothes and you’ll be fine.

TIP: When you go to buy your coat, make sure you are wearing a hoodie before you try it on, to make sure it is big enough. You will most likely get a size up then what you buy for a leather or jean jacket because it needs to be long enough and wide enough for the layers.

Here’s how you can layer if its really cold.


Top: bra – vest – t-shirt/long sleeve top – hoodie – winter coat

Bottom: stockings/tights – pants

Feet: thick socks and then boots or sneakers.

If you are wearing joggers you may not need the stockings.

Accessories would be scarf if necessary, hat and gloves.


Top: vest – t-shirt/longsleeve – hoodie – coat

Bottom: long Johns/thermal leggings – joggers or jeans

Accessories would be scarf if necessary, hat and gloves.

Laundry: Please do not put your hoodies, joggers, long sleeves, knitted wear in the dryer. They will shrink. If you have a heater rack in your bathroom or room, dry them on there. If not, just dry them in your room.

Summer clothes: Online you can find ways to mix your skinny strap tops with other things to wear in the cold like a t-shirt. I love wearing my shorts in my flat during the winter, because when the heaters is on it can be warm in my room or the kitchen/living room.

Hair: Keep your hair moisturized. Ladies I suggest keeping your hair in plaits. Plus it’s hard to fit puffs in the hats.

Stores you can purchase these items from:

Most clothing stores sell the puffer jackets/winter coats. Those I have listed have affordable and good quality jackets. Don’t go cheap on your jacket! When you arrive, and check out your city centre, you can walk around and try out stores for your clothing. I like shopping in H&M, New Look, Asos (online). I’m sure you’ve heard of other brands as well. Happy Shopping!

Written by: Creator and writer of Carib Students, Nia Golden

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