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Written by: Creator and writer of Carib Students, Nia Golden

Here are a few random things I thought you should know about living in accommodations.

First things first, dust. Back home, dust would show up in fine particles that I could sweep. But here, dust gathers like lint. You have to vacuum it up to really get all of it. In the first couple of weeks, I couldn’t understand where the lint was coming from, but then I realized what it was. 🙂 In case you’ve never experienced that before, I just wanted to share.

In your room, there will be a thick curtain or blind. Close which ever one you have at night. Especially from the beginning of March, because the sun will start to rise earlier and earlier and will also go down later and later.

Example in May = Sunrise: 4:51 a.m – Sunset 9:28 p.m

You don’t want to be woken up earlier than you need to be.

Breathing: It might be hard to breathe in the first week or two when you arrive, because the air is thinner than in the Caribbean. You might notice this especially at night when its cold and you want the window closed.

Tip: Open your windows during the day and let light and fresh air in. Then you can close them at night with hopefully enough fresh air to survive the night. You can also buy an air diffuser from Amazon. It helps makes the air moist and more breathable.

TV License: A TV License is required by UK law for you to watch or record programmes on television or a device while they are being broadcast. If you do not have one, DO NOT watch anything on the local networks. You will be charged a £1000 fine if you don’t have a license.

I don’t watch cable or network television, but I use the Netflix and YouTube app on our smart TV.

Damages: One of the ways I avoid damages, is by not sticking anything on the walls, because the paint or whatever they use can come off with adhesives. Beware of what you can and can’t decorate on. Any damages results in you not getting back your deposit and extra fees.

The floors don’t seem durable for Clorox or bleach, so I don’t use them to mop.

Alternative cleaning products.

  • Clorox – Desparado
  • Quix – Fairy (dish liquid)
  • Cif (there are a number of different types of Cif here. Only ever knew the original one)



Oil: If you’re like me and you like to fry chicken or johhny cakes (bakes) you will use a lot of oil. Back home I would just throw the oil outside, but seeing as I am in an apartment with no grass, I like to put the old oil into a bottle and then throw it away. Because you should not throw the oil down the sink.



Accommodations may or will do regular (once every few months) room checks. They should notify you before they enter. They are not allowed to enter your space unless you’ve given them permission or notified you.

Don’t fill up your room with too many things. You will have to move all of it out yourself at the end of your lease each year and have it stored until you have to move in again.

Keep your room key on you at all times. You will need it not just for your room, but for getting around the building as well. Lock up your room when you leave, even if it is to go downstairs quickly to collect your Uber Eats.

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