There is ALWAYS a SALE! | UK

Written by: Creator and writer of Carib Students, Nia Golden

Businesses in England are very good at marketing. You will most likely have an account for clothing and other websites. They will hit you with an email EVERYDAY, and I’m not going to lie, the emails can be very convincing.

I remember when I was here a few years ago, I used to feel so bad about not being able to shop during a sale at my favourite store. But then I realised, that another sale would show up a few weeks later, or even the next week with an even better sale. And I realised, THERE IS ALWAYS A SALE!

Of course, there are prime times to buy certain things. Like winter clothes during the summer or at the end of winter. They are cheaper than buying them at the beginning of winter and vice versa.

The same rule applies for invitations to go out with the locals. They ALWAYS want to go out. Don’t feel bad if you missed one or ten opportunities. Especially in the beginning. Take your time to get acclimated, get a routine and get a job if you want to keep up with the socialising. With the price of gas gone up, so will everything else. Pace yourself.


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